July Room: Lounge

Warm Brown, Cool Grey

Colours can help you to find solace in your home. This month we choose to go with warm browns and cool greys – as nothing is more soothing than a neutral tone. By combining teak, walnut, fabric, and plants, you will transform that dull room in your house into your most favourite place on earth.

Let there be light

Lighten up that dark corner with this cozy designer sofa, Chill in dark grey, then match it with this sleek lamp from Universo Positivo Cone range next to it. You’ll love how well lit your room now. But you don’t want it to be too moody! Add some simple Cube sidetables and natural plants. These pieces will brighten up the narrow space while making the corner seem more airy.

Keep it casual

Without taking up too much room, a large black-and-white photograph will make your nook looks more casual. Rug will also bring a lighter feel and soften things up. The Vincent Sheppard Joe grey chair with teak leg is the perfect piece to go, as the colour complements everything in the room.


Mirror always make your room looks bigger, but we choose to go with this Notre Monde Bistro medium aged mirror to create a bold statement and brighten up this dark room.Add a character in the room using the Spindle bench, not as seating, but this month we use this product as an additional storage for our knick-knacks!

Embrace cozy togetherness

Lastly, the point of contact, we fall in love again and again with this Surface L-shape sofa. This beautiful piece offers a super comfortable and spacious seating for up to six seater. Combine it with the Notre Monde Clear coffee table, its reflective surface creates an artistic feel while it brightens up the area.