September Room: Effective Dining Space

A Compact Dining Room for a Big Family

Deep down inside, we all want to have that Instagram-worthy spot in our home. But how? Life (and decorating your home – in this case) can be easier when you prioritise what matters and highlight your precious treasures. Understand the basics: invest less, make it last! Yes, we feel it too, nothing is more pleasing than reorganising your home yourself!


It might take us days or weeks to visualise and recreate our rooms here in Ethnicraft Indonesia showrooms. We gather pictures of products we love, colours of the year, beautiful plants, anything, really, anything that inspires us to create a home. Start with picking a day to do these: gather all of your ideas and inspirations on a mood-board, list down all of the furniture and decorations you need for your room, and finally a simple room layout on a piece of paper.


Are you a family of 6? Or are you a newlywed couple? Do you regularly throw a party? What are your dining room essentials? Take your time to visualise on how you’re going to mostly use your dining room. Make a list of items you need to put in your dining area, sort it out, then start reorganising the layout.


Do you have favourite things you’d like to display? Those pretty, old jars with condiments or pasta or seeds in them? Maybe your great-grandma’s apron? Be free and display in this teak Skelet rack.


Cute mugs and bowls are meant to be shown off. But they’re quite fragile, and we don’t want to drink dust either, our teak Wave bookcase is here to rescue. Tablewares, napkins, wine glass, recipes, they are very important, but there are so many of them. Keep them safe in the teak Light Frame chest of drawers. A perfect storage solution that does not take up too much space, but very spacious.

Back to the layout

A Circle dining table is perfect for food sharing and chit chatting. While a rectangular one is perfect for a big family of 8 – 12. Make your choice, think of what feels more important to you. In some families, there are different people with different preferences. You can mix and match your chairs, they don’t need to always be the same. Our chairs, even though they’re not the same, they blend very well. The natural look of both the fabric and wood brings out the character of each chair. A stool, wooden chair, chair with cushion, combine them all to create that bold statement in your dining area. If you would prefer to have same chairs for a dining table, choose the one that complements the table. A lightweight chair would complement a bulky dining table nicely. While an organic chair, like this range from Vincent Sheppard, would suit a sleek dining table the best.

Light it up

We are natural light enthusiasts, but at night, you might need an extra help, don’t you? This subtle yet quirky Cone range would brighten your day and your room in the right amount.

Dinner time!

Now that you’ve finished making up the room, try it out. Feel the new ambience, it’s ok to change things every now and then. Rotate your decorations every once in a while to have a new atmosphere. Last tips: don’t put too much pressure on yourself – remember, this should be a refreshment, not a quest. Have fun!