February Room: The Bed

The Bedroom

As we start the new year, we’d like to introduce a brand new the Room of the Month series! The room we’ll highlight in this episode is the bedroom. The bedroom is a space where you spend your time either working, dressing, and of course, resting your weary bones. That’s why you’ll need a comfortable and functional bedroom. The bed is the most important element of your bedroom. The perfect size and construction will guarantee quality rest time. We are proud to present the newest member of the Light Frame bed family: the 120/200 mattress. The limited space on your bedside should not be a reason for you to do away with books. The teak Wall Shelf 135 and the teak Wall Shelf 210 give you vertical storage right on top your bed. Also, be sure to put your night light on top of the teak Pop stool. The teak Horizon dresser is a slim and elegant wardrobe. Don’t be fooled by its size, there is a large space inside for you to hang your clothes and three shelves to store your folded clothes. After deciding on the outfit of the day, you’ll need a mirror to reflect on your choice. Our choice falls with the Notre Monde M Floor Mirror. Made from a collage of three colors: bronze, charcoal, and clear, it makes your dress-up time enjoyable. Additionally, the arrangement of two teak Cube side tables gives you extra storage. The bedroom often doubles as a workspace. Go for a retro look in your work corner with the Mr. Marius Origami desk in Black. With five drawers and a vast surface area, this desk will be a functional and stylish component to your work space. You may choose to add the supremely comfortable teak B1 chair in Turkish Coffee to complete the look of your work space After a long day, reward yourself by setting aside some time to unwind. The teak N2 lounge chair and Frame sofa side table create the best setting for sipping a fancied beverage or reading a favorite book. We hope this episode’s Room of the Month can be an inspiration in designing a comfortable bedroom. See you on the next episode!