#EthnicraftHome: A House That Feels Like Home

We all want a house that feels like home. To Andre Khristian, staying at home should feel like vacation. “Nature provides unlimited inspiration, and when I’m around it I feel home,” Andre explains. “Sense of comfort is essential. To make a comfortable home, you have to stay consistent to the concept you want to bring into the room.” Decorated with warm hues, the kitchen instantly became our favourite place to lounge around while enjoying some biscuits served on the Notre Monde Slice tray. “We love solid wood furniture with simple yet sophisticated design and decorated by its own wood grains. My favourite Ethnicraft product is the Burger range; beautiful layers of solid wood with push-to-open system.”
Nature provides unlimited inspiration, and when I’m around it, I feel home.
The living room is one of the most important spaces in a home. We really enjoyed spending our afternoon in his well-lit living room. “The greatest challenge was visualising what we like.” Complemented by his daughter’s artworks, the living room becomes a serene place to gather, rest and play. Choosing the right decoration and furniture was key to make this house achieve that relaxed yet modern feel, says Andre. To create a laid back atmosphere, instead of hanging pictures on the wall, he chose to display their family photos on our teak, Essential sideboard.