April Room: Double Duty!

Double-Duty Room

We’re back! On this Room of the Month episode, we are going to talk about how to decorate your small space at home to be a multifunction room combo. A living room should serve many different functions, and the key is to maximize the space right. It’s always a good idea to organize a compact home office in a living room. Add a bright colored sofa to bring a playful touch to your living room. Match your love seat with our walnut Tripod round coffee table to make it even more relaxing. To create a balanced ambience, the latest collection from Universo Positivo – the Cone floor lamp, is definitely the best floor lamp to go for. Not only beautifying, this lamp could also be a great company to read, to work, or even just to chill. Every corner is a perfect area to create a little lounge space by adding a comfy one seater chair and some accessories on the wall. A big mirror is always a great option to add a nice ambience while it makes your room looks larger. Simply hang the Golden Reflection wall mirror to compliment the color scheme. Check out our Ribbon shelves to display your small stuff into one place, especially when you’re short in space. A stylish side table set from Notre Monde will certainly bring a bold accent to your living room. The patterns on each trays work their magic to bring up the mood to your room – as we pair the Kaleidoscope and Gold Mist trays on the tray holder. Working from home has becoming more than a trend. Thanks to the internet! Now that we need to accommodate a creative and inspiring working environment in our homes, a white Hall console will do the trick with their stylish shape. More space in the chair, because why not? Our smart Metal Spook stool will enhance the overall look of your working space. Place the Cone desk lamp on top of Monolit side table, it will perfectly lighten up your on-going creativity. And last but not least, make sure to keep your home office well organized with office shelving and office bookcases. The teak Wave bookcase will play a big role as a functional yet beautiful office storage as well. Hope this Room of the Month episode could inspire you in decorating your own double-duty room at home. On the next episode, we’ll bring you some inspirations to style a lounge area in your house… So stay tuned, folks!