Kuat, fungsional dan padat, furniture Ethnicraft dibuat dengan kegemaran akan bentuk murni  dan menghormati kayu sebagai bahan baku.
Our collections are designed in Europe and produced in Indonesia where the best plantation wood can be found.

The timeless beauty of solid wood.


Meja dan Kursi Ethnicraft

For 15 years, we have been producing timeless furniture from solid teak, oak and walnut.
In our designs, we go back to what is the essence of good furniture: we aim for impeccable craftsmanship to create sustainable pieces full of character, made of solid wood that ages beautifully. 
Ethnicraft furniture is authentic, warm and natural.

Every product is finished carefully in our own workshops in Indonesia, Vietnam and Serbia. 
Koleksi kami yang abadi serta memukau  dapat ditemukan di interior yang beragam di seluruh dunia, di mana mereka hanya menjadi lebih indah dengan seiring berjalannya waktu.



Wood, like any other natural porous material, continues to absorb and release humidity throughout its life. Ethnicraft designs furniture that adapts well to the hygrometric conditions of its environment.
The design allows the wood to expand and contract.

Variations in wood grain, texture, colour, knots and other naturally occurring characteristics are inherent to solid wood. We believe that these imperfections contribute to the charm of Ethnicraft products.
Wood is a product of nature, and we give our furniture the state-of-the art, superior finish it deserves. Our craftsmen apply different techniques such as wood inlaying and the use of  wood paste.

Ethnicraft consciously selects a specific quality of wood that adds more character to its designs.