#EthnicraftHome: Mr & Mrs Miettinen

August 2018

Ethnicraft Indonesia

How do you design your home? To Anna and Sami Miettinen, it’s about creating space for everyone.
The moment we entered their house, we were greeted with a warm welcome, plenty of sun and bliss everywhere.
The sensation of peace and cosiness in their home is very calming. 

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“We bought our first Ethnicraft furniture in 2013 and have been adding more into our home ever since.” Anna and Sami described Ethnicraft as “simple and perfect. Our favourite Ethnicraft product is simply all of them!” says Anna, “We prefer furniture with an airy and stylish design, we have to have enough space in our house to both relax and be active”. 

They chose one corner to display their family photos and favourite artworks on the oak Hall console with the Notre Monde classic collection hung neatly on the wall.

Together, Anna and Sami arrange their home layout to create their very own sanctuary. 

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Anna and Sami use the teak Wave bookcase as a storage for their glassware. “We like our living room to be the place for our family and friends to gather and unwind. To achieve a comfortable yet beautiful living room, we fill our house with anything we love.” 

They really know how to put the right amount of sophistication to their home. To keep the room tidy yet stylish, Anna picks the walnut Nordic coffee table. “We mix everything – teak, walnut, and other types of wood – as long as they look good together.” Anna shares on how they created such an inviting and restful space. 


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