Switch to greener, more sustainable furniture

September 2014

Ethnicraft Indonesia


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Protect the environment, support your local businesses

  1. This week we’d like to share with you a topic that is very close to our hearts. Such enthusiasts of wood that we are, we understand the importance of sustainability and place it at the center of all our operations. From the lifecycle of our products to the social and environmental impacts we might have, we take great care in assessing all aspects of our production process.

  2. When shopping for furniture, the first factors you may judge a product by might certainly be its quality and how it will look in your home. Yes, these are definitely important criteria. But have you ever taken sustainability into consideration? Beautiful furniture can indeed be environmentally-friendly too.

Here are some reasons why we believe you should go green:

You can save the trees!

The wood we use is FSC approved. This means it has been legally bought from the government-owned cooperative, Perhutani, who ensures wood is managed and harvested in a sustainable way. Furthermore, we reuse any production waste such as wood leftovers and sawdust as fuel in drying ovens or as finger joints in our furniture. 

In addition, Ethnicraft also works closely with the Indonesian government to ensure tree-replanting policies are enforced and to restrict the number of trees felled each year.

You can help local businesses!

Besides from helping to protect the environment, you can also support your local economy by purchasing locally-made furniture. Ethnicraft produces its furniture here in Indonesia, which helps local communities with employment, educational opportunities and safe workplace policies.

Our products are produced with high-quality durable materials and stellar workmanship, resulting in beautiful designs that are made to last and saving you the trouble of replacing your furniture every couple of years.

Drop by our stores to say hi and see it for yourself !