Staying Strong and Beautiful

May 2014

Ethnicraft Indonesia





Tips and Tricks from Ethnicraft

Proud new owner or accomplished collector of teak wooden furniture? Whatever the age of your treasured furniture, we'd like to share a few easy secrets with you on how best to keep it strong and beautiful for decades to come.

Solid teak wood ages well with time and naturally resists well to stains, cracks and minor impacts. This exceptionally strong and durable wood repels moisture naturally due to its high natural oil content. Therefore no need for tricky or messy maintenance! Occasional washing using a sponge with water and a bit of washing up liquid will increase the wood's resistance to stains by enabling the oil to rise to the surface.


This process will also help to retain and enhance the wood's natural colour. Like any other natural material, unprocessed wood can fade sightly upon direct contact with UV light. Scratches or minor cracks won't affect the solidity of the wood and can be easily repaired with a dot of acrylic glue and polishing of the wood - always in the direction of the grain.

Please come visit us for more information on maintaining and repairing your teak wooden furniture. And please remember to make use of our free after-sales service for any tougher stains, marks or faults that may occur over time.