#EthnicraftHome: Satyo Nugroho

September 2016

Ethnicraft Indonesia

#ethnicraftathome : Satyo Nugroho

Nestled in the South Jakarta suburb of Kemang, this 2-bedroom apartment is the wonderful home of computer programmer and photography enthusiast Satyo Nugroho. “The monochromatic theme is highlighted in order to match my style in photography,” explains Satyo when asked about the design elements of his home. Constructed and designed by architect/interior designer Bambang Wicaksana of Atelier Prapanca, the house is a true reflection of Satyo’s aesthetics.










Accessing the apartment via a personal elevator, we are promptly greeted by a little balcony featuring the teak N2 lounge chair and Tripod side table. Even with a limited space, this lounge area is perfect for enjoying a relaxing afternoon surrounded by a view of Jakarta’s skyline. 

As we go through a unique wooden entrance, our gaze is immediately directed to the dining area that dominates the room. The table is fitted with four teak EX 1 Turkish Coffee chairs, which complement nine of  Satyo’s  best photography works, neatly bordered by 3x3 custom-made frames. These photos, shot in black and white, echo his monochromatic concept of a home. Simple decorations such as a terrarium and some plants add a bit of natural essence to the impressive space.










Opposite the dining room, the simple living area houses a television set, which is placed atop the teak Essentials TV cupboard. The conservative setup doesn’t take away the warm and inviting mood of the living space. The large window next to it serves as a natural lighting source, emphasising the apartment’s pristine white background.










Behind the living area is a small but busy home office surrounded by windows. This arrangement, according to Satyo, is meant to keep him isolated but not alone. He spends plenty of time in the home office, hanging analogue photos to dry while still enjoying the company of his family. The space is also furnished with the teak EX 1 Turkish Coffee chair, a piece that serves as a comfortable resting place that accompanies Satyo when working long hours programming, or just tinkering with his vast collection of Leica cameras.










The same passion Satyo applies to his photography is apparent in the master bedroom. Framed photos are placed by the window alongside the teak Madra bed, a favorite piece of Satyo's. The bed is the focal point of the room, enhanced with the teak Light Frame mirror to give a sense of vastness in the bedding area. The bedroom is a comfortable space where you can see Satyo’s personality radiating through its styling.










"The main problem in an apartment is storage. This is why almost every furniture here functions as an extra storage space," states Satyo as he reveals how he gave his interior designer the freedom to build every detail of his home. The fruit of this meticulous work can be seen by the utilisation of space for storage in every corner of the apartment.  A perfect mixture of style, concept and function make every corner of this house not only an opportunity for storage but also a space to display the homeowner’s personality.